Moira – London, UK

“I was devastated by my father’s death and felt like someone had pulled the ground out from under my feet.

Four years on, I was not only struggling with the loss, but also with an unresolved issue that I had kept hidden until then: I had been molested as a child. Working with Josephine was a real eye-opener. She helped me see a completely different side to my father’s life and death, and I was able to not just accept, but actually make peace with everything that had happened, and create a real connection with my dad.

I felt completely safe and heard throughout the process. My mind has been stretched in ways I didn’t think possible and I will never see death the same way now.

I’m hoping that more people will be able to find the value, the positive side of death. Thank you for the work you do.

Thank you, Josephine!”

Moira, London, UK