Emma – UK

“I have been lucky enough to work with Josephine following the sudden death of my mother in December 2014, when I was aged 32 and she 64. This followed the similarly sudden death of my father in 2012, an event which still seemed fairly recent, and combined to create a really overwhelming sense of shock and loneliness. I was unemployed at the time, living far away from my mum, and as an only child, had to take care of all practical matters following her death. I was inclined to panic and despair in the midst of all this: along with the sense of loss of someone very dear to me.

Nonetheless, having grown through the grieving process for my dad, I knew that true healing was possible, and Josephine has been the ideal person to gently guide me along this path. We worked together via Skype, and I always felt totally supported and heard. A couple of times I needed to slow down slightly to catch up with the emotions I was experiencing, and to stay on top of self-love and self-care (habits that replace an entire lifetime of quite the opposite), but Josephine was always completely understanding of this, and worked with me at my own pace.

I am now in a very peaceful and accepting state of being in relation to my mum’s life and death. I feel strongly connected to her in a way that I feel will last a lifetime and beyond, and I am now able to calmly proceed with the process of renovating and selling her house.

There are so many unhealthy cultural attitudes towards death around us and often we internalise these without even realising or noticing. I cannot recommend highly enough working with Josephine to transform one’s relationship with death and move to a place of true healing and peace.”

Emma, London, UK