Diane – Michigan, USA

“I began working with Josephine 4 years after the death of John, my children’s father, a man I had divorced 6 years prior to his death, after almost 25 years of marriage.

Much had transpired in those 10 years from the time of our divorce to the present, where I now found myself breaking down into tears whenever I mentioned his name. I felt tremendous sadness and despair over what I thought our children and I had lost and would never have the possibility to recover.

As I connected with Josephine she suggested that through our work together I might come to a place where I would be able to talk about John’s place in my life, without feeling sadness and pain. This was very appealing to me and we agreed to begin the process, talking on SKYPE every week or two. I looked forward to my time with Josephine as she listened with a huge compassionate heart to my story, in a way that nobody had wanted to listen. After all, it was my “ex” that had died and nobody understood why I was grieving.
During the course of this work, Josephine gently encouraged me to remember and share and feel, with great patience and no judgment.

Gradually, I found that I was no longer crying at the mention of John’s name or the memories of our shared family time. By the end of the process I felt great peace and gratitude – for Josephine’s guidance and for John’s presence in my life.

Thank-you, Josephine, for helping me to move forward with a joyful heart and great memories of John’s time on this earth!”

Diane, Michigan, USA