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Missing and missing

balance-equilibriumBeing able to find equilibrium in all things, including the grief you feel after someone you love dies, brings a sense of stability and tranquility so that your life can go on in the way it is supposed to.

I woke up today with the thought that I was missing someone I loved that had died. I felt sad for a moment or two and honestly I really don’t like feeling sad. I thought why do I have this feeling of missing? What exactly do I miss? So I began to list in my head all the wonderful things about this person that I truly missed. It was painful that I missed so many things about this person.

But then my logic kicked in and I remembered that there are always two sides to everything. So I started to think about all the things about this person, who I love, that I do not miss. And the list was long, very long. Then I laughed and realised again for the umpteenth time that indulging in the feeling of missing does me no good at all. And not only that it is a skewed way of seeing things. I think you could call it selective memory.

My realisation of the morning is to find the balance in all things including grief. Maybe especially grief because grief is still little talked about and when it is talked about, well we know what that feels and sounds like… I don’t need to describe it here. We know the sad and the ugly side of grief only too well. It is the other side, the balance that we need to discover.

With love

Josephine 🙂


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