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Kirsty Mitchell honours her mother

flowerqueenI stumbled across some beautiful, artistic photographs yesterday and as I admired them I wondered what could have possibly inspired such amazing creativity and imagination.

To me, it was death of course. The death of her mother. A mother who was also her best friend. Someone who loved stories and telling stories. After her mother died Kirsty Mitchell decided to create pictures that captured those stories. She says this was her way of honouring her mother and so that she would never be forgotten. Now six years later her project is complete.

I am mesmerised by these photographs and plan to buy the book when it is available again, which should be in a few days time.

After my husband Mark died, as I traveled through my grief journey, I discovered that death is incredibly powerful. So much changed and transformed for the better.

Even though we feel such loss and sadness when someone we love dies there is always another side. In this case it is quite obvious to me what a positive inspiration her mother’s death had as I’m sure she wouldn’t have created this book of photographs had her mother not died. Why would she? She would have had no need to do that.

It is simply a fact that when someone we love dies so many things change and those changes are not all negative, some are powerfully positive. And these transformations are different for each one of us. No two can ever be the same.

I write this because it is an almost universally held belief that death is only dark, sad and negative. But my logic asks me why? Why would life be this way? Why would the design be that we live our wonderful life but we must endure insufferable pain when someone we love dies? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Of course we feel the emotions that a death evokes in us but the thing is we don’t have to stay in that particular pain. I know because I have gone though the process of healing. For sure it is not for the faint hearted to do enough work and finally arrive at a place where the pain is so much less and even not there at all. Not everyone would want that. But I knew without a doubt that I could not live the rest of my life missing the love of my life every day. What I wanted was to be able to feel connected and to be able to remember, think about and talk about Mark without sadness but with love and happiness. And that is what I have and I am forever grateful.

For more information about this stunning work of art go here: Kirsty Mitchell




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